What's in a name? Symbi is the root of 'symbiosis' ("a mutually beneficial relationship between different groups") and Audit is the root of 'auditus' ("a systematic examination"). Our raison d'etre is to:

Accelerate the transition to a regenerative low carbon and low pollution economy by using systematic examinations of material and energy system flows to inform actions that produce mutually beneficial triple-bottom-line relationships between the natural and human worlds.


    • Rigour – An open-systems thermodynamic approach, methodical observation, and unbiased analysis yield objective results. We cherish facts.
    • Integrity – Honesty and uprightness is essential to rigorous execution, fact finding, genuine action, and authentic stewardship. We seek truth.
    • Diversity – If it makes sense for ecosystems and economies; then it makes sense for organizations. We do not argue with 4 billion years of evolution.
    • Simplicity – Anyone can make things bigger and more complicated. We develop effective solutions that go the other way.